Croatia Sydney Social Golf Club


Social Club Membership joining fee is $50 for all new members. to be paid by Round 4 each year

Annual renewal membership:  $50, to be paid by Round 4 each year. 

Game fees:   Game fees to be paid directly to the golf club. In addition a $10 fee will be payable to play for prizes and competition

Golf Access/Link/Handicap membership through our club:  Golf Link access and membership will need to be organised by each player. SGA is the best option for players who are not members of a golf club. Please visit  



Weekly game prizes:

Daily Prizes for - a) 2 x Nearest the Pins, 1 x Drive & Pitch and 1 x Longest Drive - sleeve of golf balls

Prizes are also awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place. Prizes for 1st is 50% of weekly pot , 2nd is 30% and 3rd is 20% after deducting cost of balls. i.e if 24 players then $240 in pot, deduct $40 for balls, leaving $200, winner gets $100, 2nd gets $60 and 3rd gets $40. 

Player of the Year:   1st Place - $100 (plus trophy)  2nd Place - $50 and 3rd Place $30

Match Play: Winner will receive a Trophy

Club Championship:  Net Winner & Stroke Winner will receive a trophy

Croatia Shield Championship: 1st Place - Your name on the Croatia Shield & Prize Money of $20 per player attending, i.e if 25 players, then $500 winning

Other PrizesOn a round by round basis a Par 3 is selected as an 'Eagles Nest' hole on which $100 is the prize if the nearest the pin is within 1.0m of the hole. Also any 'Hole in One" is awarded a 'Momento' trophy.